Leslie Lewallen Marshall

Leslie Lewallen Marshall

Exclusive Black Status Presenter

Attorney by trade, turned stay-home-mom, I now currently am fondly known as the “lash queen,”  and enjoy writing about my adventures in life on my blog –Midlife, Motherhood and Mascara. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I now live in Midwest, in Peoria, Illinois.  The shift from working full time as an attorney in the Pacific Northwest, to a stay-at-home mom in the Midwest, was jarring to say the least. Prior to joining Younique in January 2014, I had spent the previous eight years as a stay-at-home mom.  While I love being able to stay home and raise my boys, I felt something was “missing.”  When I joined Younique, I got my “girl” back. I got that sense of self worth, pride and mojo back! I am now an exclusive black status presenter for Younique, leading and managing my company of  nearly 2,000 company of women and men.  I love sharing the amazing products, but more than that, I love sharing the mission to “uplift, inspire and validate.”
I’m proud and blessed to be part of a company that is committed to changing lives. We are far more than mascara, makeup and skincare.

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